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This Man Inspires Me
An Indigenous Aussie,Born Blind
Self taught to Play a Guitar
How ever He Is left handed
Only Had a Right handed Guitar
So He turned upside Down and Learnt to Play it Like that
Watch the Video You will Notice How the Thick strings are on the Bottom not the Top

This Man Inspires Me

Cop u all later.....see ya later....see ya rn lika rissol



Theme Song For Dinky Di Australia


Aussie Band.... Men At Work
" A Land Down Under"


Australian Wild life


Kangaroo's,Koala's,Emu's,Tasmanian devil,Wombats
 and more...


Whats new on Dinky Di Aussie

Whats coming On

Dinky Di Australia

After a while you will notice I love Music and
as a Result if I can find a video that not only show the
sights and sounds of Australia
but also showcases our Musical Talent
I will

So look for the

    • The Lyre Bird...It will blow you away
    • Warumpi band with" My Island Home"
    • Sounds of the Australian Bush
    • The Sound of the Indigenous Australians Didgeridoo,along with
    • Screen shots of Indigenous paintings
    • Take note of the dot paintings

Australia the land of so much that is Unique

Its My Home

  Look For My articles on....

Drop Bears

 Hoop Snakes.

also,something else to look for in the future

Why Aussies talk like they do....ie their slang

Take Care every one and where ever you are in the World


See ya later


Here is something for a laugh

By an Internet Friend.... Aussie Girl
check her blog

aussie girls blog you will love it

A Texan farmer goes to Australia for a vacation
There he meets an Aussie farmer and gets talking.

The Aussie shows off his big wheat field and the Texan says,
"Oh! We have wheat fields that are at least twice as large".

Then they walk around the ranch a little, and the Aussie shows off his herd of cattle.
The Texan immediately says,
 " We have longhorns that are at least twice as large as your cows".

The conversation has, meanwhile, almost died when the
 Texan sees a herd of kangaroos hopping through the field. He asked,
 "And what are those"?

The Aussie replies with an incredulous look,

"Don't you have any grasshoppers in Texas"?

Australian Grass Hoppers.......

What can I say??....lol

They come in Grey,White,Red,Brown

From 500 cm/2 ft upto and above 180cm/6 feet tall

No matter where You Go In Australia you WILL see Them

The Indigenous Australian Didgeriedoo

Listen to the Hauntingly Beautiful Sounds of the Indigenous Australian Didgeridoo
Watch for the dot paintings also indigenous Australian as our all the other paintings

The Australian Lyre Bird

The Australian Lyre Bird is
 well renown for imitating other birds calls
but listen for some other sounds...
car alarm,...
chain saws..
There are no words to describe !!!!

Sound and Sights of Australia

Aussie Band..Midnight Oil.....;Beds are Burning

Peter Garrett the lead singer is now a Aussie politician

Song is about giving the Land back to the Indigenous people of Australia


The Europeans declared Australia as "Terra Nullus"..


Some time later, claimed that they Invaded and Conquered

and therefore it was a legitimate Take over.

I'm afraid to say and many White Australian will not Agree But

My Indigenous Mates Deserve Every Right to

Their Land

Their Culture

Their Dreaming

This Is Their Land



Its True...Trust Me,DROP BEARS!!!!

G'day mates

Trevs back again

Now you have read the head line


I have to be serious here

 Australia can be a dangerous place to be

We all know about

Tiger snakes,

Red back spiders,

Funnel web spiders

and other deadlies here in oz

But we need to be sure to inform our visitors of the dangers of


Below are excerpts from the Drop Bear awareness group on Face Book

I will leave the link at the Bottom

The last posting is My own encounter with the Deadly Drop Bear

Face books Drop Bear Awareness Group's

Main Statement


The primary prey of Drop Bears are unsuspecting tourists, often Welsh or German but usually US American or Japanese. Drop Bears will wait, in the canopy of the Australian Bush until a person walks beneath them and BAM they will drop on your head. It is commonly understood that the Bears favour those with cameras, due to the entrancing reflection of the sun's rays from the glass lenses on a typical Aussie scorcher of a day. There is no truth in the rarely misquoted assertion that they wish to be "at one with the lens". It is a well known fact that the Australian Government would have banned tourism long ago had it not been for the fact that with no tourists, the drop bears would have been forced to feed on Australians

Drop Bears have had some devastating effects on the environment. Central Australia now consists of vast tracts of treeless desert due to the voracious appetites of the local Drop Bear population coupled with the dearth of American tourists and escaped Boat People in the area. This has increased carbon dioxide levels to highly predictable proportions. Scientists have noted that there is now a large hole in the ozone layer above Australia.

The only know repellent for a Drop Bear is vegemite. You will need to rub it on the back of your neck and on your face to stop them attacking. Many people have tried using Aeroguard but this just makes them more active due to the sweet smell of the mist

Below are various contributions made on face book by members of the

DROP BEAR awareness group

"Alert: During this wild weather, remember to be extra careful. High winds allow Drop Bears to be able to jump further, increasing the risk of attacks further from trees."

"I had a narrow escape i was out in the NSW bush on a hunting trip, we were spotlighting for rabbits when we heard a scurry in the trees above and a drop bear came down just missing my uncle it got one of our pig dogs and tore it to pieces, we hit it about a dozen times with a .308 before it took off back into the trees..., safe to say i dont spotlight near trees anymore..."

"I had a lucky escape, but my horse still carries the scars of attack! I decided to go for a midnight ride under a full moon up the bush on my trusty steed. We were just plodding along, minding our own business, when suddenly my mare became very very agitated, I tried to reassure her, and I looked around, knowing that... snakes are not noctural, so it couldn't be that, when suddenly my mare spooked and bolted, lucky for me, the drop bear missed me but left some nasty claw marks on my mares rump! Was awful and my mare won't go on night rides anymore! "

"I'll never forget the first time I encountered a drop bear; I was riding the Honda Z50 along a track out the back of Gembrook. The light was just starting to fade, as I left a mates place for home. I was only 15 mins away so I never saw it coming.. I was about half way there, heading down a windy section of the track ...when I the sound - at first I thought it was 50's engine throwing a rod until I realised it was coming from above. I can still remember that terrifying sound to this day.. I looked up to see a huge furry bastard as it hurled itself down toward me.I ducked and tried to swerve the 50 but the gears locked on me and I was knocked clean off. The creature grabbed onto my chest and bared it's teeth, ready to attack. I punched the fucker right in the nose which thew it back onto the ground ...but it got straight back up and lunged at me again until I got another punch in that stunned it for a few seconds. Whereupon I hauled the bike up - which, lucky, was still running - and got out of there as quickly as possible! I sometimes still hear that awful screech coming through the trees and wonder if he's still out there, waiting, plotting his next attack. I just pray to god it won't be me again"

"Of course no one has mentioned being blinded by the demented things have they? No... see drop bears before attacking will phiss down upon any prospective victim... most are unaware of this but me being one who was once a keen bird watcher now know it for a fact... and I wear the glasses not because its so sunny and bri...ght here in Broome but because I survived a drop bear pre attack!! Blindness being the result... nowadays when out in the bush I dont have to worry about the phiss pre attack if my head gets wet suddenly I simply get into my deadly Bruce Lee death to all drop bears stance an Hiiiiiiiiiiiya! drop bear stew!! ;o) Only way to go"

"Spotted a drop bear at uni eying the international students suspiciously. Hope they remembered their vegemite XD"

"For safety's sake, it is best when walking in the Australian bush to make loud whooping noises and wear a BMX stack hat covered with magpie antennas to deter drop bears. If confronted, one should hop on one leg and bark like a dog."

"I know this is the Drop Bear awarenes group, but

 has anyone run into a Kangwallafox lately cause

 i have not seen one for years and now fear they may be exstinct?"

This is My(Trev) Personal Encounter with the Dreaded Drop Bear
which happened back in the seventies

as related on face book

Trevor McNamee Well i never my first encounter with drop bears was back in the early seventies.

a group of lads 6 in a panel van and 4 in a mazda drove upto queensland from nsw

 NB we all from WA.

anyhow after a weekend of partying we had to get back to sydney for work

It was Pissing with rain

 when all of a sudden a big bang,

 windsceen broken ...

and I,

 who was lying across the back of van got an intense thump on the leg.

Then all hell broke loose.

driver sceaming cant see the road,

every one else yelling what the f..ks going on

 and im yelling

 get off it of me,,

get it off of me

some one yelled what??

the fn drop bear you f wit i screamed

.fortunately when it come through the w/screen it got partially knocked out

and one of my mates was able to put a sleeper hold on it

and threw it back through the windscreen

We eventually made it back to sydney with a plastic wind screen.

I have never told any one else this story till now cause i didnt think anyone


Well there You have it folks indisputable proof
 of the  life and times of Aussies and their encounters with the dreaded

Drop Bear

here is the link to Face Books drop bear Awareness Group

Drop Bear Awareness Group

Well I have to say I am having fun here

Will get to hoop snakes on another day



Watch where you Sit,when your in the Aussie Bush

take care every one......

Oh bugger my eyes are raining again


always Looking after You...lol

Disclaimer all information should be treated with a grain of salt
and should be varified with the appropriate authorities

Im laughing my head off,I dont believe I could be involved in so much crap

But thats
  Aussie folk lore...
Aussie humour....
Aussies talking around a camp fire

 drinkin piss or using some other stuff

but more than likely
 straight as a yard stick
,sober as a judge......
More rainin eyes

As Rodney Rude a Aussie comedian says
"see ya later trend setters"

Aussie Language and Flys


Trev back again

Ya learn'n anything here on Dinky Di Aussie??

You maybe asking what has language and flies

 got to do with each other???

Read on...

The one word G'day is probably the most recognized Aussie word around the World

Now a lot of people thing that us Aussies are lazy and that's why we shorten our words like this.


The stiff upper lip of our English fore bears (nothing to do with drop bears...)

Upon meeting some one would say..."Good Day To You" and lift their hat or something.

The problem was ....with so many flies around....if you had your mouth open

with so many words

you were likely to get a few inside!!!!

Many a person,I have seen,nearly choke on them,cause they opened their Gob to often to speak.

So "Good Day To You",became


Aussies are renown for their way to over come problems.

"ow ya goin" is another example of how to greet someone without opening your

gob(mouth) for to long

"ow ya goin'.....How Are You Going

Try it....

"How are you going"

.....how often is your gob,mouth open?

compared to

 "ow ya goin"

I put it to You...Your mouth does'nt even open.

Now more about Flies

You are NOT a MATE if you approach any one and while saying

 g'day or ow ya goin

 You slap them on the back.

"Why is it so"

as a renown Aussie physictist...Julius Sumner-Millar,would ask His students


 You will disturb all the flies on his/her back.

They then have to put up with them
buzzing around

 their head,
in their
 any where they shoud'nt be..

Now I am telling You,them flies can be so thick on Your back

you cant see the shirt you're wearing.

Just a Big Black Mass of Fly's.

You maybe saying how filthy...I agree....

but better on your back where you know where they are

 than in your mouth or where ever.

I live in Western Australia.

Back in the seventies the Govt or Tourist Industry come up with a slogan

"Western Australia the State of Excitemen

You would see it used every where,trying to encourage tourism in WA.

Now You're asking


Flies and Tourism to Western Australia got to do with each other


Some wag come up with a Tee shirt with this slogan...

"Western Australia the State of Excitement....
10 Million Flies Could'nt Be Wrong"

See Ya Later Trend Setters.


Looking After You and
Keeping You Informed


Keep Your GOB closed when yarn'n

in australia

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